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Senior Project Leader- System Dynamics Modelinh

Boston, MA

Position Description

ReThink Health (RTH) seeks a Senior Project Leader to join our team and direct the work associated with RTH’s System Dynamics Model, one of our signature offerings to the health arena. The Senior Project Leader will be responsible for managing the current project team that supports the Model and for adding new team members as the work grows. Reporting in to Bobby Milstein, PhD, MPH, s/he will be an important player in helping RTH engage clients and facilitate conversations where theory meets application and learning can occur. As a member of Dr. Milstein’s team, this individual will help RTH to: 1) leverage our leading edge capabilities in systems dynamics modeling; 2) oversee the ongoing development and applications, program enhancements, system maintenance and upgrades to the Model; 3) accelerate our delivery of new and improved ways to rethink health systems and structures; and 4) enable us to help clients achieve greater scale in current and future projects.

This is an outstanding career opportunity for an individual with a passion to make a difference in society by contributing to new ways to address health and health care in this country. We are looking for a unique set of skills in a high-energy, entrepreneurial individual. The ideal candidate is proficient in both system dynamics modeling and development of team and stakeholder relationships. As a young organization, RTH is growing at a rapid pace. We anticipate a rising demand for our work in dynamics modeling and for our unique ability to facilitate the use of the Model to solve pressing problems and seize emergent opportunities. This position requires a strong ability to think strategically and tactically on how to support this growth and implement the Model in communities of interest. This position is also an “ambassador” for RTH. S/he plays a key role in articulating and selling the value of the Model and its diverse applications to academic, regional and other audiences. As opportunities arise, s/he will also assist in fundraising and business development around the Model.



The Fannie E. Rippel Foundation is devoted to seeding innovations in health. For over seven years, ReThink Health, the core initiative of The Rippel Foundation, has been exploring what it takes to start and sustain innovations for health in regions across the U.S. We help regional leaders work together to make smart decisions, set policies, and implement strategies that will improve the health and change the lives of millions of Americans. We also help them discover that targeted and coordinated investments can achieve remarkable improvements in health and health care while reducing costs and boosting productivity.  We have conducted scores of projects and maintain engagements with a widening circle of several thousand innovators in more than 30 states. We work differently in different contexts, but always as allies, coaches, and co-learners. ReThink Health was founded and remains strongly guided by a group of veteran change-makers. These have included a Nobel Laureate and other highly regarded visionary thinkers from health, energy, business, economics, and politics.



Managing the Model and the Modeling Team: Development and On-Going Support

  • Understand/direct all current activities, plans and work products associated with the System Dynamics Model including interface upgrades, new versions, add-on analyses, etc.
  • Design and participate in strategy labs and workshops to help promote conversations around collaborative approaches for assessment and interventions.
  • Utilize the Model and the information it provides to influence and engage key stakeholders to make different choices and take new actions.
  • Manage the implementation and life cycle of the Model in current and future Regional projects.
  • Serve as a facilitator in community settings to build a shared understanding and resolve any issues that surface as the Model is applied and integrated.
  • Manage the Dynamics Modeling Team including assuring clarity around work products and timelines, providing ongoing coaching, and implementing any other team performance management techniques as needed.
  • Ensure learning is captured and applied going forward.
  • Assist in writing and editing articles related to RTH projects, application of the Model, success stories and lessons learned, to foster support of the RTH strategy and mission.
  • Help grow the current user base of the Model in academic settings and other arenas.
  • Identify areas of challenge and opportunities for proliferating use of the Model; offer ways to address both.
  • Proactively identify meetings and stakeholder gatherings that provide opportunities to teach and demonstrate the value of the Model.

ReThink Health Team Member and “Ambassador”

  • Understand basic business and project management disciplines associated with establishing, monitoring and fulfilling project deliverables.
  • Honor agreements made with partners, team members and external stakeholders.
  • Participate in internal meetings and be a fully involved and contributing member of the Leadership team and the larger organization.
  • Attend external conferences, meetings and community gatherings related to moving the mission and contributions of the organization forward.
  • Become a proponent of RTH’s “Pathway to a Healthy Health System” and support clients’ use of the Model through the Pathways five stages.
  • Support RTH’s Evaluation and Measurement activities as related to use of the Model in local engagements, statewide engagements, Distance Learning courses, online presentations, workshops, strategy labs and academic classes.
  • Proactively seek new business development opportunities.
  • Prepare or assist in preparation of grant applications where the Model – and the client support we can provide in applying, learning, integrating, replicating and scaling the Model – figures prominently.


The Senior Project Manager will be comfortable working collaboratively with a diversity of internal and external partners, team members and stakeholders. S/he is mature and able to understand how this position contributes to the overall mission of the Foundation and ReThink Health. In addition, s/he is comfortable in situations that call for creative problem solving and entrepreneurial approaches, where there are few precedents and frequent iterations. This individual is skilled at strategic thinking and on-the-ground application of concepts and theory, and has demonstrated, through prior experiences that s/he is drawn toward working in new areas that are undergoing growth and change.


  • Master’s degree required. PhD is a plus.
  • Master’s in system dynamics modeling highly desirable.
  • Advanced degrees in public health, business, public policy, or social sciences a plus. Candidate should have a desire to learn.
  • At least 10 years working experience in dynamics modeling and managing teams.
  • Working knowledge of health policy and related issues.
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with stakeholders at all levels and to translate technical concepts into practical terms.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet timelines and follow-through on commitments.
  • Comfortable working in a geographically dispersed organization.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, which are honed toward consensus-building and creating connections across a diverse playing field.
  • Anticipates workflow issues and alerts team.
  • Remains unflustered in the face of competing priorities and changing requirements.
  • Quickly adapts to change in direction and to assessing implications for project plans.
  • Possesses the self-motivation, energy, and mental agility that will allow him/her to be a full thought partner to Dr. Milstein, Project Leaders, and other team members.
  • Understands and embraces the collaborative culture of the Foundation and ReThink Health and is comfortable co-creating solutions.
  • Respects diversity and encourages participation of all team members.
  • Experience or knowledge of community organizing, group facilitation, dialogue, conflict resolution and/or other group process skills.
  • Prior experience with webinar and virtual meeting management using WebEx.
  • Familiarity with the structure and changing landscape of health and health care reform, including public health, social policy, and social change.
  • Committed to the practice of using simulation models to advance strategy and influence policy.


  • Experience or knowledge of community organizing, group facilitation, dialogue, conflict resolution and/or other group process skills.
  • Prior experience with webinar and virtual meeting management using WebEx.
  • Familiarity with the structure and changing landscape of health and health care reform, including public health, social policy, and social change.

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Careers@Rippelfoundation.org

The Foundation offers all candidates equal opportunity for employment and advancement based on their ability and without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, veteran status, affectional or sexual orientation, civil union, domestic partnership status, gender identity and expression, learning disability, age, national origin, ancestry, marital status, familial status, genetic information, citizenship status, physical or mental disability or other classification or characteristics protected by federal, state or local law. All employment decisions will be made on a nondiscriminatory basis so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity.

Director of Consulting Services


ReThink Health, the core initiative of the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation and a collaborative effort with other funders and partners, seeks a dynamic and entrepreneurial professional to serve as Director of Consulting Services.  This is an outstanding career opportunity for an individual with a passion to make a difference by contributing to fundamentally new ways to address health and health care in this country. We are looking for a unique set of skills in a high-energy individual.  The Director will join the Foundation’s CEO and the ReThink Health senior leadership team in advancing strategic partnerships and projects across the country to accelerate regional health system redesign.  S/he will oversee a highly diverse portfolio and work collaboratively with a wide array of partners, organizations, and coalitions.  Our ideal candidate is an enterprising leader ready to join a rapidly growing initiative, which is committed to improving the health of U.S. residents through innovative system change.

To achieve its mission, The Rippel Foundation, a 61-year-old charitable foundation, has devoted its resources to seeding innovations that have a lasting impact on population health, the quality and cost of care, access and equity, and regional prosperity. Through ReThink Health, Rippel has created an organization positioned to partner with regional and national foundations, health systems, coalitions, policy centers, think tanks, and others to build the capacity of regional leaders and multi-sector stakeholders to re-envision regional health systems; consider new, integrated approaches to fix our complex, costly, inequitable, and poorly performing health system; and to move those ideas to action and measurable impact.   Supported by a diverse group of sponsors, including the Rippel Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as well as through earned income, ReThink Health is comprised of teams of distinguished professionals who provide the essential knowledge, tools, coaching and facilitation, and research needed to address complex health system challenges.  Utilizing an evidence and tool-based approach, ReThink Health teams develop frameworks that assist regional leaders in discovering new concepts and capacity for change, overcoming barriers, and moving strategically toward broad implementation and impact.

The Director of Consulting Services, a new position with the Foundation, will serve as an effective leader and partner in advancing ReThink Health’s portfolio and commitment to innovating at the frontiers and for manifesting a vision for a new health system. The Director of Consulting Services will work closely with the CEO and senior ReThink Health leadership team of three Directors and the CFO/VP of Administration to manage strategic priorities and growth.  S/he will be primarily responsible for designing and successfully leading a growing portfolio of existing and emerging in-depth regional action research projects with coalition leaders and teams across the U.S.  As part of this responsibility, s/he will build and guide effective project teams; develop and nurture relationships with leaders and stakeholders; build stewardship capacity at the regional level; support the development of regional strategy and approaches to sustainable financing; identify and raise funding for new project opportunities; and will successfully guide a project throughout its life cycle.  The ideal candidate will have significant experience with large-scale, complex consulting projects and knowledge of the U.S. healthcare and public health system. S/he will have experience leading consulting efforts related to organizational development, community engagement; and experience in implementation and taking ideas to scale. A Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree, Ph.D. or other advanced professional degree is preferred.

Please direct all inquiries, expressions of interest, and nominations in confidence electronically to: Stephanie Fidel or Pam Pezzoli at Isaacson, Miller,www.imsearch.com/5140.

The Rippel Foundation offers all candidates equal opportunity for employment and advancement.  All employment decisions will be made on a nondiscriminatory basis so to further the principle of equal employment opportunity.