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Various tools and resources are available to better understand the ReThink Health Dynamics project.


Project Materials

ReThink Health Model Summary AVAILABLE HERE

Intervention Options for ReThink Health Simulation Scenarios AVAILABLE HERE

How to Prepare for a ReThink Health Strategy Lab (ANYTOWNATLANTA)

Guide to Navigating the Results Tree AVAILABLE HERE

Worksheet for Anticipating Consequences (ANYTOWN, ATLANTA)

Elements, Interventions, and Causal Pathways AVAILABLE HERE

Selecting a Geographic Focus AVAILABLE HERE

Behavioral Logic in the ReThink Health model AVAILABLE HERE

Reference Sources and Studies AVAILABLE HERE

Science Advisor Biographies AVAILABLE HERE

Hirsch G, Homer J, Milstein B, Scherrer L, Ingersoll C, Landy L, Sterman J, Fisher E. ReThink Health Dynamics: Understanding and Influencing Local Health System Change. Presented at the 30th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society; July 22-26, 2012; St. Gallen, Switzerland. AVAILABLE HERE

Milstein B, Hirsch, G, Minyard, K. County Officials Embark on New, Collective Endeavors to ReThink Their Local Health Systems. Journal of County Administration, March – April 2013. AVAILABLE HERE


Organizational Allies

California HealthCare Foundation

The Dartmouth Institute

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

MIT Sloan School of Management

Kaiser Permanente

Forio Online Simulations


Related Health System Models

HealthBound Policy Simulation Model & Game 

Milstein B, Homer J, Hirsch G. Analyzing national health reform strategies with a dynamic simulation model. American Journal of Public Health 2010;100(5):811-9. AVAILABLE HERE

** An overview of the structure and results from the HealthBound policy simulation model, which is the closest predecessor to the ReThink Health simulation model.

Milstein B, Homer J, Briss P, Burton D, Pechacek T. Why behavioral and environmental interventions are needed to improve health at lower cost. Health Affairs 2011;30(5):823-32. AVAILABLE HERE

** Additional policy analyses using the HealthBound model.


Inflationary Trends in the U.S. Health Economy

Homer J, Hirsch G, Milstein B. Chronic illness in a complex health economy: the perils and promises of downstream and upstream reforms. System Dynamics Review 2007;23(2/3):313–43. AVAILABLE HERE

**Examines the historical growth of the U.S. health economy, with a focus on inflationary trends and self-sustaining tendencies of the downstream healthcare industry along the with prospects for upstream action to better safeguard population health.


Prevention Impacts Simulation Model

Homer J, Milstein B, Wile K, Trogdon J, Huang P, Labarthe D, Orenstein D. (2010) Simulating and Evaluating Local Interventions to Improve Cardiovascular Health. Preventing Chronic Disease 7(1), January 2010. AVAILABLE HERE

** Presents results from an early version of the CDC-NIH PRISM model, which focuses on multiple, interacting chronic diseases

Homer J, Milstein B, Wile K, Pratibhu P, Farris R, Orenstein D. (2008) Modeling the Local Dynamics of Cardiovascular Health: Risk Factors, Context, and Capacity. Preventing Chronic Disease 5(2), April 2008. AVAILABLE HERE

** Discusses the general framework and background that led to the CDC-NIH PRISM model

Hirsch G, Homer J, Evans E, Zielinski A. (2010) A System Dynamics Model for Planning Cardiovascular Disease Interventions. American Journal of Public Health 100(4):616-622. AVAILABLE HERE

** Discusses findings from the El Paso County, CO version of the CDC-NIH PRISM model

Loyo HK, Wile K, Batcher C, Huang P, Orenstein D, Milstein B. From Model to Action: Using a System Dynamics Model of Chronic Disease Risks to Align Community Action. For submission to: Health Promotion Practice (in press).

** Discusses the experiences of local leaders in Texas who have used the CDC-NIH PRISM model


Health Care Microworld AVAILABLE HERE

Hirsch G, Immediato CS. Microworlds and generic structures as resources for integrating care and improving health. System Dynamics Review 1999;15(3):315-330. AVAILABLE HERE


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