From the President

It’s been a tough year. Our American democracy is struggling to rebound from a divisive election. We are living in a nation that idealizes justice and equality but fails to live up to that ideal. We have been left dazed in the wake of a pandemic that has affected us all—some much worse than others. Yet, as a people, we are amazingly resilient. And paths to a better future are right in front of us, if we choose to take them.  In the last year, Rippel’s FORESIGHT initiative asked 7,500 people from across the country—many in marginalized communities—what they want in the future. Their top responses:

• A thriving and stable economy,

• A health system that we can access and afford and that keeps us healthy,

• A country that is just and embraces our differences and commonalities, and

• A planet that is habitable for generations to come.

Important across these top priorities for the future: they are not just good for a few of us, but good for all of us. In this future, health and well-being are not dreams, but realities for all—no exceptions. Among COVID-19’s many impacts, it has shown us that we are all vulnerable if our society is not designed to thrive. Our systems did not create themselves; they were created by people and can be recreated by people. But only if our actions are bigger than ourselves and our own organizations. Every single one of us can make a difference.

It will take all of us working together—as stewards—to redesign our systems so that they center on equitable, just, and healthy outcomes for everyone. Stewards are all of us—corporate, philanthropic, political, and community leaders; small business owners and farmers; professionals and wage earners; students; parents; and family, friends, and neighbors. We come from every background, demographic, and political and religious affiliation. There are many forces aligned against progress, but there are also many tools and examples of stewardship at our disposal.

Our work at Rippel is about providing the infrastructure to get us there…creating the conditions, practices, tools, and support that help stewards succeed in achieving the goals that are right for their communities. Every social change movement in our nation’s history has needed supports and infrastructure behind them–Rippel is supporting the movement toward health and well-being for all.

There are many examples of stewardship on this website and on the sites of our two core initiatives, ReThink Health and FORESIGHT, and there is much more we are aspiring to do in the future. We have a tremendous opportunity to shift our country’s health and well-being for the better. It will take all of us, working across boundaries, recognizing the opportunities and threats in our rapidly emerging future, and embracing new norms that will guide our actions and investments toward short- and long-term good.

We welcome you as a Rippel partner in this important journey and look forward to connecting.


Laura Landy

President and CEO