Announcing ReThink Health Ventures: A New Project to Reimagine and Transform Health

On December 7, ReThink Health, the Rippel Foundation’s premiere initiative, launched its latest endeavor in our enduring effort to reimagine and transform health: ReThink Health Ventures. The Ventures project offers a critical opportunity to delve into the challenges facing our health system and to test real-world solutions with some of the most advanced multi-sector partnerships in the country.

Ventures brings together some of the nation’s most innovative
multi-sector partnerships to do business differently, together, and take the next big step in overcoming barriers and generating greater inclusive health value—demonstrated by the improved health of populations, better care, lower costs, greater equity, and increased workforce productivity.

Our aim is to show changemakers that, despite the many challenges our nation faces today, an integrated, dynamic, and high-functioning health ecosystem is possible. But it’s going to require enormous ingenuity and a good deal of bravery.  

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Rippel Foundation, Ventures will be closely coordinated with complementary initiatives taking place across the country.

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