New Podcast About Health Ecosystems

Rippel President and CEO Laura Landy was recently interviewed by the The Leadership Development Group, Inc.‘s Health Ecosystem Leadership Podcast Series to describe how health ecosystem leadership must reflect the communities they serve as well as how stewards engaging with the ecosystem must be committed to continued learning, comfort with change, and thinking about what’s possible.

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Topics covered:

  • Collaboration among disconnected healthcare entities can be achieved by determining the unique interests of all stakeholders involved and leveraging common co-dependencies among them.
  • To support collaborative solutions, four key areas require focused attention: (1) creating a sound strategy, (2) clarifying values among stakeholders, (3) broadening stewardship across silos, and (4) creating sources of sustainable financing.
  • Collaboration is an indispensable technique to solve the tough problems facing population health today such as the mental health national crisis, affordability, and availability of pharmacy and specialty drugs.
  • Embodying mission, vision, and values based on a global concept of health and a better world is about actively living those values when approaching daily work.
  • Health ecosystem leadership must reflect the communities we serve and be centered around the individual with a focus on team-based, whole-person centered care.