What We Discovered at “The Frontiers” about Financing and Leading Improvements in Health

The following is a cross-post from the Health Affairs Blog

by Laura Landy, founder & chair of ReThink Health and president & CEO of the Rippel Foundation

From the Wild West to the “final frontier” of space, the metaphor of the frontier has always served as a touchstone for American optimism. ReThink Health, an initiative of the Rippel Foundation, shares that optimism. Through our work with changemakers at the regional level, we seek to understand the frontiers of health policy and practice, boldly pursuing our vision: a United States in which all the sectors that affect health are led, designed, and financed in ways that foster healthy people and thriving communities.

Eighteen months ago, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ReThink Health embarked on a journey to Advance the Frontiers in Sustainable Financing and Health System Stewardship. Aimed at exploring and mapping what is happening in the field of regional health transformation, and identifying how we and others can help accelerate those efforts, this project allowed us to test and confirm ReThink Health’s learnings to date, build on them, and share those discoveries broadly.

What we found was both validating and instructive. While changemakers often have a clear vision of what transformed health looks like, they need help figuring out how to navigate the pathway that will take them there. The project reinforced the idea that the greatest challenges to transforming health at the regional level are around long-term, sustainable financing, and broad-based stewardship—which is a term that refers to leaders stepping beyond their organizational boundaries, working together, and sharing responsibility to advance health transformation.

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